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There’s nothing like wearing a great pair of cowboy boots! One name to keep in mind is LOBLAN. Loblan was founded in 1959 in Venezuela and known for producing high quality, handmade riding and military boots. In the 70’s they shifted to western boots made with same impeccable style.  Stop by today and take a look at this impeccable pair of boots!
Fashion is beautiful, wonderful, and mysterious.  Like many things in life, if it isn’t understood it is hard to appreciate. Personally, we all can  see pieces such as VERSACE as more striking for photography than for “real life” but it’s always fun to see how a luxury designer interprets their designs for everyday life. While summer approaches, we believe that it’s safe to say that you can grab items such as Versace or Dolce for the beach, to stroll the beach in high fashion. Looking great always feels great! Get it for the right price at SOME MEN LIKE IT HAUTE FINE FASHION CONSIGNMENT….
Two pairs of beautiful Giorgio Armani sneakers have just arrived at Some Men Like It Haute for an unbeatable price! One pair is beautifully crafted in a quilted cream leather with red accents and the second is in a dark navy pebbled blue leather.  Either of these Armani  sneakers will take you seamlessly from casual to the courts!  Treat your feet and visit Some Men Like It Haute to try on these Armani classics!
Spring and Summer we practically live in our jeans (hence the name of the blog!) and enjoy piecing together easy denim outfits for the seasons. Lets line them up!….. we have dark, light, ashy, and more!

so many different choices , so many different looks! 

Stop in today and slip on your favorite design!
The Bow Tie is making a comeback with fun-formal events such as dinner, cocktail parties and nights out on the town. What started out as a trend for the Upper Class in the 17th Century, is now a trend for any class today. Dress them up or even dress them down. If Pee Wee Herman can make it look good, then so can you! Stop in today and take a peek at our collection from Vintage to the Modern. Just remember ………….” you are never to old or young to where this classic accessory”  ^_^
Two words….Armani+Style Two Colors….Black + White One reaction…… One Big Smile!!! ^_^ One Price ___________ (too good to be true) Stop into Some Men Like It Haute today to take a look at this very Stylish Emporio Armani Jacket. A beautifully crafted jacket for any man. Come in and see. The price is too good to be true!!!!
Vintage is in! it’s Timeless, Charming, and has always been a great way to spark up a great conversation. Some Men Like It Haute has a variety of Vintage Cufflinks and Bowties in stock. The bowties and cufflinks complement different personalities and styles. Come get the right pair for any special occasion to create a lasting and stylistic impression on others for the right price!

Suit Up!

May 5, 2013


Let’s take the guessing game out of your life when deciding what to wear at the office. Nothing says more that wearing a crisp, sharp-shouldered suit or shirt to show your co-workers and clients that you’re focused, smartly put together, and even downright bullish.  Some Men Like It Haute carries a wide selection of such suits and shirts for the everyday man at discounted prices!  Stop in today and get yourself one or perhaps two!
We are always making room for new inventory and Some Men Like It Haute wants you to stop in and enjoy 25% to 50% discount on selected items.  Don’t delay getting a pair of Lucky Brand jeans or a Robert Graham shirt at an unbeatable price!
The iconic leather jacket has been a staple for every man’s wardrobe.  Whether James Dean with a flipped up collar on a Bomber or badboy Marlon Brando with a multiple zipper Biker jacket, this rugged and stylish piece has been a strong influence on men’s fashion.   It says you’re ready to take whatever life throws your way – unphased. We’ve just consigned a  Jhane Barnes classic open bottom jacket that is timelessly tailored with strong, simple lines in a deep brown, butter soft lambskin leather.  The lightweight quilted detailing is as beautiful as it is functional.  Warm enough to fend off the chill of a brisk fall walk yet  just perfect to slip on with your favorite jeans and tee shirt for a night out in P-Town! Spring is in the air but winter hasn’t quite left yet.  Be prepared to face whatever comes your way in style and at a great price at Some Men Like It Haute!